Prism Sisters - Katie & Colleen

Prism Sisters - Katie & Colleen



Colleen is an intuitive empath and an Akashic Records advisor. Her spiritual curiosity began at a young age due to her vivid dream recall and her sensitivity to the emotions of others around her. This inquisition developed into helping others explore the deeper meaning behind their dreams and emotions. After an intense shamanic sound healing experience in 2015, she began to explore various energy healing modalities and has been expanding her spiritual knowledge ever since. Colleen's aim is to help others look within in order to overcome life struggles and discover their true life purpose.

Colleen has taken formal classes in Usui Reiki, healing crystals, and reading the Akashic Records. She also dabbles in the mystery of the tarot and is a self-taught dream interpreter. Colleen holds a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from Roosevelt University in Chicago and currently resides in Northwest Indiana.

Colleen guided a Letting Go Mediation in February 2019. It included cutting negative energy cords, breath work, and visualization in conjunction with an aura cleansing.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records (aka "The Book of Life") are an account of everything that ever was and ever will be, including past lives. An Akashic Records reading is a form of spirit channeling accessed through meditative prayer which elevates the recipient to a higher form of consciousness. The reader opens the connection to your higher self and your spirit guides in order to gain insight on your soul's journey. Similar to a tarot card reading, an Akashic Records reading is another form of receiving higher guidance regarding a current life situation. A reading will assist to identify where the issue begins (past life or current life) and ways in which to handle the situation according to your highest good. A reading may help to see a different perspective of an issue and the benefits of any given situation. Having specific questions prepared will help to get the most out of an Akashic Records reading. In some cases, the healing comes through what is not said - sitting in the energy - and may lead you to your own epiphanies.