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Prism Sisters - Katie & Colleen

Prism Sisters - Katie & Colleen


Colleen is an intuitive empath and a spiritual counselor. Her spiritual curiosity began at a young age, due to her vivid dream recall and sensitivity to the emotions of others around her. This progressed into helping others explore the deeper meaning behind their emotions and dreams. After attending a shamanic sound healing in 2015, she started exploring energy healing modalities and has been expanding her spiritual knowledge ever since. Colleen's aim is to help others look within to overcome life struggles and discover a soul-centered path of purpose and fulfillment.

Colleen has taken formal classes in meditation, healing crystals, Reiki, and reading the Akashic Records. She also dabbles in reading tarot and oracle cards, facilitates group meditations and is a self-taught dream interpreter. Colleen received her Bachelor's in Sociology from Roosevelt University in Chicago and currently resides in Northwest Indiana.

Intuitive Guidance
Colleen will listen without judgement and help you explore your soul to find a higher meaning in the recurring patterns of your life. Colleen will provide an unbiased perspective to issues and will serve as your advocate and guide. Her goal is to help you recognize and trust your own inner guidance (intuition) and, above all, empower you to live life more freely.

During a session, Colleen will be fully present to listen and relay any spiritual guidance that comes through. She will intuitively connect to your energy to help clear any fog that is clouding your journey.

Colleen receives messages clairsentiently (clear sensing) through emotional energy and clairvoyantly (clear seeing) through visual symbols which will be relayed during a session. 

- 60 min session - $60
- 3 (60 min) sessions package - $150

Sessions can be conducted in person or over the phone.

Dream Analysis
One powerful way of receiving spiritual guidance is through messages communicated in our dreams. A dream analysis may help to decode these messages in order to gain insight on a waking life issue.

Deciphering dream messages is Colleen's "first language". She will use her personal dictionary of dream symbols and intuitive guidance to provide an interpretation of the elements in your dream, or recurring dreams, for further exploration.

- Dream Analysis - $35

Dreams may be relayed to Colleen over the phone or via email. 

Aura Clearings
With the aid of shamanic smoke smudging and healing crystals, Colleen will guide you through a meditation to clear your aura and release any stagnant emotional cords holding you back on an energetic level.

- 45 min session - $50

Aura clearing sessions are only conducted in-person at this time.

Please contact Katie if you would like to book a session with Colleen.