Reiki Energy & Healing Treatments

Indianapolis, IN

Reiki removes energetic blockages, which creates more room for mental clarity and improves your body’s vital functions. The healing power of Reiki has an endless list of benefits, from healing current physical injuries and emotional wounds that were unknowingly buried years ago, to remedying issues with daily stressors and helping you manifest the goals along your personal journey.

Reiki Sessions


Meet Your Master, Katie Porras

I was first attuned with Holy Fire Reiki I/II in September 2014 through master teacher Jessica Miller, Reiki Mastery. In August 2017, I received my Usui Holy Fire II, ART/Master’s certification through Reiki Lifestyle's Colleen Benelli, a senior licensed master teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). Both of my certifications were received through the ICRT.

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