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WOW! You are such a lightworker and I was thrilled with the session. The spirit animals are great and it’s so cool you’re able to align the results of your clients with spirit animals. And equally awesome you can see and know symbolic messages. The session was incredible and will schedule again soon. Thanks so much again!
— Michael
Katie was sure to be attentive to what I needed. She laid me down and made sure I was comfortable since I had never done it before, so I knew what was going to happen ahead of time. She’s very comforting and makes sure she tells you what she’s doing. I felt very comfortable the whole time.
— Whitney

Katie helped me find my ground, my center. I felt very floaty and calm the entire time and Katie made sure that I was comfortable.
— Crystal

Katie radiates a very calming energy that immediately creates a sense of ease. She helped me regain inner peace and renewed emotional balance—I walked away from the session feeling lighter.
— Colleen

I was a skeptic going into it, but I felt strangely euphoric after my session with Katie and the tightness in my chest disappeared for days. I don’t know how it works, but it makes a difference.
— Lisa

My experience was very calming and she made me feel comfortable. I felt a heat sensation near my head during the session.
— Neveen

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